Work Day Sunday 8th March 2020 – Part One

Good morning, dear readers (yes – both of you).

This is the first time I’ve not been able to attend a work day when the bulk of the other Minions are on-site, thanks to severe conjunctivitus, so in-between visits to the bathroom for eyedrops and suchlike I thought I’d try something a bit different with this report. We’ll have an almost real time, as it happens, blow-by-blow and cliche-after-cliche series of updates throughout the day to keep you appraised of current progress. It might work, it might not – lets see.

Buckie, Darren, Lynn and Maggie on-site.
Fielded phone call from Lynn whilst I was getting up. She has found a problem Buddliea plant on the outside of the building – it’s clearly been there for some years and is damaging brickwork. We’ll have to get rid of it short order. The mob are all having the First Tea of the Day (in line with standing depot operating instructions – see below), and are about to get on with things. Buckie has brought in the conduit and wiring required to remedy the heating fault on 70797, but isn’t sure that it will be the only fault on the coach. He has brought equipment to allow him to test the remainder of the wiring to ensure that there are no more as-yet undiscovered problems. Lynn and Maggie are already at work on seat bases; Maggie sewing now seat covers and Lynn stripping the recoverable bases ready for recovering. And I’m sat at home with itchy eyes, feeling a bit pissed off. I don’t want to be writing – I want to be helping. Sod this for a game of skittles….




Lynn is ready to start stripping. (Be still, my beating heart).


The world is watching, and someone is sulking*.
* Well, maybe not sulking but as long as people are laughing at all this then we’re winning. We’re supposed to be having fun here – it’s a hobby; not an affliction.





News has reached me of a New Minion – with feathers.



Just had some pictures and a short video through from Buckie. The news isn’t good on 70797. A fairly big job just got a lot bigger. We appear to have Mice. Big muscly mice that eat metal conduits!


And finally, a short educational video from your friendly neighbourhood Senior Spanner Minion and Bruce Forsyth impersonator….



Darren is dragging 3417 into the 21st century. By means of adhesive stickers.



Ever wondered what the Spanner Minions are on about when they talk about “megging the wires?” You have? Me too. Here are two videos, in which Chris explains what he’s doing…



Time for a Commercial Break at Strawberry Hill. Join us in Part Two for more fixing of trains, mending of seats and taking the mickey out of Potter.