Update from Minion Towers: 10th September 2020

Good afternoon, followers of the 4VEP.
We hope this small update finds you all well and coping with the increasingly bizarre ups & downs of 2020.

We wanted to bring you this small but important update regarding the re-wire of Trailer Open 70797. We have now assembled the required materials for the work and, more importantly, we have assembled a small dedicated team to carry out this work. The three men who have volunteered are all ex-railway fleet managers and well respected in their field. The job is a big one, but it will be done to a high standard and when finished will mean that coach is ready for many years of use. We hope to see work start in around a fortnight, and we will keep you all updated with progress from the depot as we receive the news.

The Minions will be on-site this Sunday 13th September, and of course we will fill you all in on the amount of tea consumed during the day.