Brief Update: 9th April 2019

Good morning, Followers of Gordon!

A very brief line to let you know a few things:

Firstly, Minion Darren reports that we have the first of the new batch of inner window trims ready for fitting. As soon as we can arrange a work day, we will make a test fitting of the first batch. Pictures will be provided!

Secondly, we have been notified that our friends at Siemens and SWR that they will require the spare road at Strawberry Hill for maintenance work on part of their fleet. While this is going on, in accordance with our arrangement with both parties, we will be unable to access the shed. However, work such as production of window frames and so on can take place off-site. We hope to regain access to 3417 after around 3 weeks. Our thanks to Siemens and SWR for their courtesy in giving us plenty of notice!

Thirdly and Fourthly, we have a few interesting possibilities regarding activities later in the summer. As usual, we can’t say too much at this stage (lots of planning and waiting on industry friends) but lets just say that we might be taking the Old Girl for a run to the Seaside.

We’ll keep you all posted.

Minion Potter