70797 Heating Fault Update

Good evening, Followers of Gordon.

This is just a brief update to keep you abreast of progress on fixing the coach heating fault on Non-Driving Trailer No.70797. At present we are getting quotes for materials to correct the fault. This will comprise (approximately):

50 meters of new wiring conduit, plus fixings.

200 meters of replacement wiring.

We now expect the cost of this will be around £300. Thanks to the kindness of those of you who have pledged towards our #PintForTheVEP appeal, we have sufficient funds in place to cover this outlay; brilliant work, everyone! Buckie (Holder of the Screwdriver of Truth and winner of the ‘Mr Greasy Spanner Monkey 2019’ competition) believes that at present we are looking at four months work, assuming two work days a month to get the coach heating live again (Corona Virus not withstanding, more on that in a moment). Beyond that immediate expenditure, we will be concentrating on steadily growing funds to tackle the next major job – step boards. The unit needs new step boards fitted to every vehicle to allow it to carry passengers again, because people have no sense of humour when it comes to falling on the track. We believe this will run to several thousands of pounds in timber (Douglas Fir Grade No.2 Clear and Better; Vertical Grain, since you ask). Even the timber for the step boards has a minimum standard and we are of course working to the BR/SWT works specifications. If you’re interested, below is a copy of the original drawings dating from 1956 just to prove that we’re not making up the thing about Douglas Fir.

Now we have to nod towards the current Corona Virus emergency. In line with government recommendations regarding group interactions, the Minions will not be gathering at Strawberry Hill until further notice. Whilst we are all young, clean limbed, relatively bright-eyed in the presences of tea and fairly bushy-tailed (except Buckie), the risk of carrying or transmitting an Infectious Nasty* is one we can’t ignore. So for the time being we will be staying clear and doing our usual “behind the scenes” paperwork and scouting for spares.

Please keep in touch with us via Twitter, and feel free to join the SETG Facebook page as well to see a wealth of pictures and reminisces that stretch well beyond 3417 and our work at Strawberry Hill; we’re proud to have so many interested and knowledgeable contributors to the page.

In the meantime, please keep yourselves safe and well.

Best wishes,
Quarantined Scribing Minion

* – Infectious Nasty: technical term endorsed by people who don’t really know what they’re talking about.