Fundraising News

As some of you will be aware, we have launched a crowdfunding effort via the JustGiving website to raise funds to further the restoration of the unit.

These funds will be controlled by the SETG and spent exclusively on No. 3417; as of today we have already raised nearly £3,000.

With the private sponsorship mentioned in our latest Work Report, that total climbs to nearer £4,500.

You can also donate funds for No. 3417 directly to the Bluebell Railway,  the details of which can be found here.

Your support is vital to allowing the unit to run again; all we are asking is a cost of a pint of beer.

Can you spare £3.50 for the VEP?

£3.50 isn’t much, but a few of them soon adds up to something much bigger – a couple of pints will go a long way!