A Quick Update…

Greetings from Strawberry Hill. Or is it Selhurst, or Three Bridges. Might be Platform 4 at Twickenham (what happened to Platform 1 at Twickenham.. I presume someone stole it?). Might even be Ramsgate… Not sure anymore.

Digital Minion here with a very brief update on the current state of play. 3417 is back on the National Rolling Stock Library – it’s a massive milestone for the SETG and all who sail in her.  The Depot has been a hive of activity. This Minion can attest to that fact given the amount of paperwork being generated by all the jobs being done on site.  Keep an eye on the Facebook Group and the Twitter/X/Whatever it’s called this week for more updates, unless Potter and Bucky murder each other or just fall asleep quietly in the IT room together – it’s nice and quiet now I’ve fixed the noisy switch that was preventing the Office from functioning.

Now, where’s the number for the Official SETG Psychologist – I think they might have their work cut out in the next few weeks…..

As ever – please consider donating to the appeal..