A Good Day at the Hill – Part Two

And now, as promised – it’s a report from Trousers!


A small update this time as we were unable to do a full days work. I had a date in the evening with a train, on which beer is sold and is hauled by a steam loco to celebrate my advancing years! (Happy Birthday, mate! – Potter)
I carried on with the cab restoration in the country end cab. This involved removing some stubborn screws which had probably been in place since the unit was built! They were (eventually) removed and a new panel cut for fitting under the cab window on the second man’s side. After much measuring, getting up and down from the unit, trimming bits, swearing and trying not to break the fragile bits, the panel was fitted! This included replacing framing at the very base of the cab side due to a completely rotten piece of wood.
Although it doesn’t sound much it was a good mornings work and a step in the right direction. It’s unlikely I’ll be able to attend the weekend work parties for the next few weeks due to Holidays and other train related commitments If I get over mid week I’ll update further!
Lots of Love
Trousers”So amongst the meetings, work progressed. Top job – we’re getting there!

(I’m sure I’ve heard that somewhere before…)