Keeping You Updated

We have had a busy few weeks, both on and away from the unit. Last week saw several meetings regarding the future of the unit; we hope to have news on the outcome of those conversations within the month.

One of Gordon’s Minions has written an article for inclusion the July edition of the ‘Bluebell News’, published by the Bluebell Railway for it’s membership – this includes an exclusive piece of news regarding the unit. Once the membership of the Bluebell Railway has been informed of our progress we will be releasing the news to the wider public. Keep your eyes peeled!

The unit has benefitted from the recent warm weather, and minions have been dispatched to open windows and doors to allow fresh air to ventilate through the coaches. Making sure the unit is aired as considerably improved the previously damp interiors of the the country-end two coaches.

For those of you who use social media sites, please feel free to add yourself to the Southern Electric Traction Group’s Facebook page and to follow No. 3417 on Twitter (search for @Gordon_3417); both pages are updated regularly.

Lastly we wanted to share this, seen in the June Edition of ‘Railways Illustrated’; could it be that they know something Gordon’s Minions don’t? Or has someone been overheard discussing plans . . . ?