Lights, Spanners, Cameraphone, Mug of Tea, Action… Part 1

Good Afternoon, dear reader.

As you may or may not be aware, last night we – the humble scrotes of Strawberry Hill – entertained a celebrity for an evening. Mr Tim Dunn, noted railway historian, railway geek and host of the BBC’s Transporting Live, joined us for the evening. The idea was to raise awareness of the work we’re doing at Strawberry Hill and of course to add some final impetus to the SETG’s fund-raising endeavours on behalf of the Bluebell Railway.

I could bore you with the ins-and-outs of the evening, but to be honest you’re best off watching either the Periscope Feed or Facebook feed and judge our efforts for yourselves. All I can say with any certainty is that we reached 3,000 viewers live; not too shabby for a bunch of anoraks with iPhones in a railway shed in South West London… Most encouragingly we managed to put £400 extra into our restoration appeal – we are now standing at over £7,100 in the kitty with 6 days left to run. Can we make £7,500 before the clock runs out? I hope so.

If you missed Two Anoraks and a 4VEP (someone needs to suggest that title to Richard Curtis…) then please find the links to the two video feeds below:

Tim Dunn’s Periscope Feed.


While I’m here, can I just say a huge thank you to Tim for suggesting this idea in the first place, and to everyone at the SETG and all of you on Twitter and Facebook for watching. It raised our profile enormously, and it raised £400 towards restoring No.3417. We’re very very grateful to you all.

I should say that as well as the tarting around infront of an iPhone, we didn’t rest on our laurels – work happened as well! In Part Two I’ll hand you over to Bucky for his thoughts on the evening. Brace yourself for the wibblings of a fitter…